The theory and practice of flying by air on aircraft heavier than air. Aerostatic - Archimedean force equal to the force of gravity displaced by the body of the mass of air.

Aviation and its directions

Manufacture of on-board cable networks LA, test rigs for control of electrical harnesses and assemblies. Manufacture of lightweight shielding braid of bimetallic wire (5-6 times lighter than PML braids). Development of surveillance and control systems for UAVs.

Duct device

At the moment LLC "NPP" UkrRadioProm "participates in a number of projects on the development and manufacture of dimensional dynamic models, cables for testing and flight cables of space vehicles, control and switching devices for ground inspections and tests, systems for measuring launch vehicles, on-board cable networks of terrestrial Technology, wind sensors and climate stations, as well as a number of ground cables and test benches. Our counterpart enterprises are the largest enterprises of the military industrial complex of Ukraine